Saturday, 1 July 2017

16 Asian Shopping Sites You’ve Never Heard of that Are About to Be Your New Go-Tos

Tired of seeing people on the street wearing the same dress as you? We don’t blame you. With everyone gravitating toward the mainstream shops, it’s kind of hard to stand out from the crowd. So if you’re in need of some new pieces to freshen up your wardrobe game, here’s a solution: look to the east. With innovative products and cult beauty trends consistently rising to the surface and a culture thriving on constantly changing trends, are you even surprised some of the top e-tailers hail from across the Pacific? Even A-listers like Taylor Swift understand the power of the east, so it would be an understatement to say Asia is on the rise in the fast fashion department. Unfortunately, Asian-made products don’t have the greatest reputation with many companies, due to a history of ripping off designs straight from the runway. However, many of today’s online retailers are turning the tables, including Toronto’s very own e-boutique, Sashion. Looking to change the way customers see products stamped with the words “Made in China,” the online shopping site for Chinese-designed clothing aims to be a resourceful outlet for those not only looking for higher quality clothing at affordable prices, but also gives lesser-known designers in China an opportunity to make a name for themselves.Read More